Remote Monitoring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

question2Below are a list of commonly asked questions regarding our remote monitoring solution. If you have any additional ones, please contact us.



Do I require a server or any software to use the infitrak solution?
No software is required, our solution is web based.
How do I know that my important environmental information is secure and available when I need it?
Our solution is a validated and hosted in a secure data centre with full diesel generator backup power. Our servers are fully redundant and all data is backed up daily.
Will the infitrak solution notify me with out-of-range alerts?
Yes the system can automatically notify you via emails and SMS text messages. We also have a call centre option with live operators. For local notification all sensors have device level audio and visual alerts.
Is the infitrak solution validated?
Yes, our solution is validated, full validation packages including qualifications (IQ, OQ and PQ) are available. The solution is also CFR 21 part 11 compliant and can send all data over a secure HTTPS browser.
Will the Infitrak solution meet Regulatory Guidelines for temperature monitoring?
Yes, our system meets and exceeds almost all regulatory guidelines. For example the infitrak solution complies with Health Canada 0069, USP 1079 and HACCP requirements around temperature documentation.

How can I view my environmental conditions on the infitrak solution?
You can view your data in graphs, tabular reports, min/max reports, floor plans, and custom dashboards. All reports are easily exportable to Excel spreadsheets. Two years of live data is available on the web and older data is stored and made available upon request.

Can I utilize my existing WiFi network with my sensors?
Yes the infitrak solution has WiFi sensors that can operate on B, G and N networks. Our current WiFi Sensors are WEP and WPA2 enabled for secure networks. WiFi sensors have 9-12 months battery life with AC power options available.
Are other wireless options available?
The infitrak solution has multiple wireless sensor option available including 418Mhz and 900Mhz with 3 years battery life. Hardwired sensors are available as well. We always recommend the most cost effective and reliable options based on your needs.
Will I be able to retrieve my data in the case of a power or network outage?
Yes all of the infitrak sensors are battery operated and have onboard memory with logging capabilities. The system will automatically retrieve the data once the connection is restored through our hand shake protocol.
Do I need a separate account and login for each location that I want to monitor?
No, you can view multiple locations from one account and login. User accounts can be assigned viewing or administrative privileges based on their requirements.
What environmental conditions can I monitor with the infitrak solution?
We currently offer the following wireless sensors:

  • Temperature, with ranges from -200ºC to 125ºC, standard applications.
  • Humidity
  • Power – including power consumption, phase imbalance and power factor at the circuit level
  • Air Flow
  • Pressure
  • Air Quality – particulate
  • Vibration
  • Motion
  • Load (weight)
  • Light

Can I speak with someone that is currently using the infitrak Solution?
Yes. infitrak has been providing reliable monitoring solutions to a variety of clients over the last 10 years. We work with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, 3rd Party Logistics, Hospitals, Public Health Offices, Doctors Offices, Data Centres and more.