Frequently Asked Questions

question2Below are a list of commonly asked questions regarding our remote monitoring solution. If you have any additional ones, please contact us.



Do I require a server or any software to use the infitrak solution?
How do I know that my important environmental information is secure and available when I need it?
Will the infitrak solution notify me with out-of-range alerts?
Is the infitrak solution validated?
Will the Mesa Labs solution meet Regulatory Guidelines for temperature monitoring?

How can I view my environmental conditions on the infitrak solution?

Can I utilize my existing WiFi network with my sensors?
Are other wireless options available?
Will I be able to retrieve my data in the case of a power or network outage?
Do I need a separate account and login for each location that I want to monitor?
What environmental conditions can I monitor with the infitrak solution?
Can I speak with someone that is currently using the infitrak Solution?